UV DTF Stickers


No minimum order is required. No setup fees.

  •  Turnaround time is usually 2-3 business days.
  •  We ship for free for orders over $ 250 on heat transfers in Ontario.
  •  File format accepted: .AI, .PDF, .PNG, .EPS, .SVG, .TIF, or .PSD.
  •  Minimum 300 dpi. Higher dpi is for better color vibrancy and definition.
  • Exact color matching is not provided.
  •  Please make sure of below :
    •  Mention the size of a design file by width and height without the empty space around the design in the artboard.
    •  There are no transparent pixels in the design.
  •  For gang sheets, our maximum printable width is 22.5” and you may go any length.
  • The minimum charge is $ 0.25 per piece wholesale and $ 0.50 per piece retail. 
  • In case you need mulitple orders shipped together at one shipping charge. Please place them within the same day.  
  • Very Important note: If your artwork doesnt match the size asked to print. We will only go by the width of the artwork. No refunds will be offered for smaller prints. Extra charges applicable for bigger size than paid for.
  • To get orders ready within 24 hrs, please select rush order charge at checkout. 
  • Your transfers come in a roll. Or we can have them pre cut for $ 0.20 each. 
  • Pricing:  Wholesale : $ 0.04 per sq inch. Retail: $ 0.08 per sq inch.
UV DTF stickers can be used on:
Glass, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic mugs or any hard surface.
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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Transfers

    We stand behind the quality of the transfers we print for you. If you are not satisfied, we will reprint with a new or revised file at no additional charge.

    Application Instructions.

    • Sticks to the surface
      1. Clean the dry surface
      2. Peel the transparent film carrier from the transparent backing.
      3. Lay it on the required printed surface.
      4. Apply even pressure to the printed design, recommended with a squeegee.
      5. Slowly Peel the carrier film to leave the design on the surface

      * No heat or mug press is required. The prints are Not microwave or dishwasher safe.

    Notes to Store UV DTF Stickers

    Store dry, cool area. Put them in either ziploc bags or airtight jars to keep the moisture away. These can stay good for a year, provided they stay away from moisture.