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Personalized prints by We Must

Custom Tshirts Canada

Custom Tshirts Canada

Superior quality wholesale apparel that will entice your clients to make additional purchases. We have everything you need for your inventory, from comfy tees to crewnecks, hoodies, full zippers, joggers, sweatshorts and more in our quality bespoke apparel selection. Take advantage of our unmatched bulk discounts and wholesale prices to breathe new life into your inventory with style and quality that will turn heads! Our custom prints for tshirts service ensures you make a stand out impression.

Blank Tshirts

Premium cotton breathable tees for versatile, comfortable customizations that reflect your style

Quarter Zips

Stylish quarter zips, perfect for personalized touch.

Custom Hoodies

Warm, cozy hoodies perfect for showcasing personalized designs with flair


Comfy joggers, ideal for your custom style.


Soft, durable crewnecks for a classic canvas


Quality sweatshorts, perfect for customized casual comfort and trendy designs.

Full Zips

Versatile full zips, awaiting your artistic imprint

Tote Bags

Durable tote bags, a versatile canvas for your artistic expressions on-the-go.

Custom Tshirts Canada at wholesale prices


Custom Tshirts Canada at Wholesale Prices 

Are you looking for customized t-shirts in Canada at wholesale prices? Then look no further! As We Must provides custom t-shirt printing services. Top-quality apparel is available at competitive wholesale prices. 

Whether you are in business, organization or person looking to personalize your wardrobe or for brand promotion. Choose us for every service.

Our extensive selection consists of t-shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies. All are crafted to depict a unique style and persona. We take pride in the durability and superior quality of blank apparel. To make sure that custom designs will stand out. 

With quick shipping and no minimum order needs, getting hands-on high-quality custom apparel has never been easy. So, you can pair top-quality wholesale clothing with DTF transfer printing technology. To create attractive designs that attract your audience. So, explore our collection today and begin designing clothes that speak about your brand’s identity and values. 


What are custom t-shirts?

Custom t-shirts are personalized clothes that are created according to particular preferences or designs. These t-shirts include unique graphics, logos, text, and artwork opted for by the designer. Customization options can consist of selecting the fabric, color, style and printing method to suit individual preferences or brand needs. 

The Importance of Custom T-Shirts

Custom t-shirts hold importance across various aspects. Like to serve more than just a wearable garment. Firstly, they act as a powerful tool for self-expression and individuality. By enabling wearers to depict their unique personalities, interests and beliefs by customized designs.

It serves as a walking ad and promotes brand awareness and recognition. Whether it is for showcasing the company logo, or artwork. Customized t-shirts provide a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience. 

Further, custom t-shirts often include team unity. Whether it is for sports teams, corporate events, or community organisations. Wearing matching custom t-shirts enables to create a  sense of belonging and cohesion among the members. 

It is also beyond aesthetic and functional aspects. Custom t-shirts contribute to economic growth by providing opportunities to designers, printers and manufacturers. On the whole, custom t-shirts serve as diverse vehicles for self-expression, branding, team building etc. To make it indispensable in today’s culture and society. 


Advantages of Wholesale Custom T-Shirts


  • Cost-effectiveness

To buy custom t-shirts in large quantity showcases results in lower per unit costs. It provides significant savings as compared to purchasing individual shirts. 


  • Brand consistency

Wholesale custom t-shirts ensure design uniformity and quality. Across the large quantity of clothes, maintain brand identity and professionalism. 


  • Available in bulk

Wholesale orders include offering a wide variety of colours, sizes and styles. To help in fulfilling different needs and preferences. 


  • Promotional chances

With enough quantity of custom t-shirts, businesses can use themes for effective promotional giveaways. To improve brand visibility and customer loyalty. 


  • Simple logistics

Ordering custom t-shirts wholesale streamlines the procurement process. It decreases administrative tasks and logistics-related jobs. 


  • Profit potential

Businesses can resell custom t-shirts at retail prices. As it generates additional revenue streams and improves profitability. 


  • Customisation flexibility

Wholesale orders often enable greater flexibility. For the customisation options like printing techniques, and garment types to fulfill particular branding or marketing requirements. 


Customization Options We offer

  • DTF heat transfers

A diverse and high-quality customised option for the apparel. This consists of innovative printing techniques. To transfer designs from the printed film into the fabric using heat and pressure. DTF transfers offer bright colours, and amazing durability that makes an ideal for customised t-shirts, hoodies and other clothes.


  • UV stickers

These stickers are a famous choice for customisation. It offers a durable and attractive option for personalisation. UV stickers are also printed with UV-curable inks that offer bright colours and clarity. A different and long-lasting solution is available to customise several surfaces like laptops, vehicles, water bottles and so on.


  • Puff prints

These prints are unique options to add dimension and texture to clothing and accessories. This printing method includes to use of special puff ink that increases due to heat exposure. Puff prints provide a different look and feel that improves the visual appeal of a design. The soft and cushioned texture and puff prints add depth and interest to logos, graphics and text. All this makes it possible to create attractive custom t-shirts, hoodies, and hats.


  • Reflective prints

Reflective prints are a diverse customisation option. It helps to improve visibility and safety in low-lighting conditions. These prints use reflective materials that reflect light back to the source. It makes them highly visible in darkness or low visibility circumstances. A stylish and practical way is offered to include safety features in a customised design to make it ideal workwear, activewear and promotional products.

Tips for Designing Custom T-Shirts

There are various tips to design custom t shirts. Few are listed below-

  • To know your audience

Understand who will wear your t-shirts and create them according to their tastes, interests and demographics. 

  • Keep it simple

Avoid any complex designs by focusing on one central element. Simplicity ensures clarity and makes design memorable. 

  • To choose the right colours

Select colours that resonate with your brand and message. Choose the psychology of colours to attract customers and evoke emotions. 

  • To pay attention to typography

To use the relevant fonts that improve readability. Especially for the text-based designs. You can experiment with the font styles, sizes and spacing for visual interest creation. 

  • Include brand elements

Design for a company or business, including logos, slogans and brand colours. To promote the brand. 

  • Check the cloth color and material

You can take into account the color and fabric of the T-shirt. For design make sure it contrasts and is compatible with design elements. 

  • Design testing

Before design finalization, create mock-ups to check how it look on an actual t-shirt. Check the size, placement and overall aesthetic appeal. 


Why Choose Wemust?

For customized t-shirts in Canada at wholesale prices, We Must is the first choice for many reasons- 

  • High-quality clothing

We Must Offers high quality customised t shirts and other clothing. All are made with top quality materials to ensure comfort and durability. 

  • Competitive wholesale price

Wholesale pricing structure enables customers to enjoy essential cost savings. To create bulk orders affordable for businesses, companies and people in the same manner. 

  • Vast customisation options

To bring alive designs with quality and precision. Diverse customization methods are offered like screen printing, embroidery printing etc. 

  • Quick turnaround times

With effective production processes and shipping options, We Must ensure quick delivery of customized t-shirts, even for large wholesale orders. 

  • Incredible customer service

Our dedicated team works to deliver a smooth and satisfying experience for each customer. They deliver support and help throughout the ordering process. It also ensures that smooth and satisfying experience for the customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Tshirt Canada


What customization options are available for custom t-shirts at wholesale prices?

Puff prints, embroidery and reflective prints are some of the customizable options available.


How can I ensure the quality of custom t-shirts when ordering in bulk?

When you order custom t shirts in bulk, request for the samples, check reviews, feedback and designs. 


What printing methods do you use for custom t-shirt production?

In We Must, our team use methods like screen printing, DTF printing and heat transfer printing.


Is there a minimum order quantity required for wholesale custom t-shirt orders?

There is no minimum order quantity needed for the wholesale custom t shirt orders. 


How long does it typically take to receive custom t-shirt orders in Canada?

1-2 business days are usually taken to receive the custom t shirt orders in Canada. 


Can I provide my designs or artwork for custom t-shirt printing?

Yes , you can provide designs for custom t-shirt printing. And accordingly, our expert designers will work on it. 


Are there any restrictions on the types of fabric available for custom t-shirts?

No restriction are there on types of fabrics available for the custom t shirts. 


Do you offer discounts for large volume orders of custom t-shirts?

No, discounts are not available for large volumes orders for custom t-shirts. 


What are the payment options available for wholesale custom t-shirt orders?

The payment options available are online payment methods like UPI, debit and credit card and cash on delivery applicable with few orders.  


Can I request samples or proofs before placing a bulk order for custom t-shirts?

Yes, samples can be requested before placing a bulk order for the custom t-shirts. 


Are there additional fees for design setup or artwork adjustments?

 We Must do not charge any additional fees for the design setup.


Do you offer eco-friendly or sustainable options for custom t-shirt production?

We Must offers Eco-friendly options are provided for the custom t-shirt production. That includes cotton using the water-based ink and embracing on-demand printing methods. 


Can I mix and match different t-shirt sizes and colours within a single wholesale order?

Yes, you can mix and match diverse t-shirt sizes and colors. Within the single wholesale order.


What is your policy regarding returns or exchanges for custom-printed t-shirts?

We Must offer 15 days refund policy from the date of order. For more details, you can visit the website’s refund and exchanges section. 


How can I get assistance with designing custom t-shirts for my business or event?

You can get help from the custom t-shirts for your business or event. Through our 24-hour support team.

Looking for DTF Transfers or UV Stickers?

Experience the magic of our Direct to Film (DTF) heat transfer services in Canada, perfect for vibrant, durable prints on various fabrics. Plus, explore our UV dtf sticker services for high-quality, weather resistance and stick it on any surface. Both services offer fast turnaround times and nationwide shipping. Your creativity, our expertise!

DTF Heat Transfers

UV Stickers

Puff Prints

Reflective Prints

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