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Vibrant Colors, Premium Threads

Custom Embroidery for high value apparels

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Custom Embroidery in Canada

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What makes us different

Multi-Head Precision

25 heads with state-of-the-art machinery allow us to work on multiple pieces simultaneously, ensuring consistent quality and faster turnaround times.

Vibrant Color Palette

With a palette of 15 different colors, we offer a wide range of options to bring your designs to life. From subtle shades to bold hues, we’ve got you covered.

Broad Embroidery Capabilities

Our stretch machines can embroider designs as wide as 15 inches and more. This allows us to accommodate larger, more intricate designs with ease.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Our embroidery machines are equipped with auto tension and auto cut features, ensuring top-notch quality. State-of-the-art technology to deliver clean, precise, and durable embroidery on all your items.

Swift Turnaround Time

Experience efficiency with our streamlined process, ensuring orders are completed within a prompt 5 to 7 business days without compromising quality.

Versatile Apparel Embroidery

From T-shirts and hoodies to caps, hats, bags and even gloves, we offer embroidery services on a wide range of apparel items, providing flexibility and choice.

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    Custom Embroidery Canada

    In Canada, custom embroidery services offer a personal touch to clothing and accessories. From corporate logos on uniforms to intricate designs on hats and jackets, these services cater to diverse needs. Quality craftsmanship ensures durability and vibrant colors that withstand washes and wear. Clients can choose from a range of thread options and fonts, tailoring each piece to their preference. Whether for promotional items, team apparel, or personal gifts, custom embroidery adds a professional and stylish flair. With attention to detail and quick turnaround times, these services in Canada provide a seamless way to elevate garments and make a lasting impression.

    The Art of Custom Embroidery

    Custom embroidery art in Canada is a detailed form of art. It mixes with creativity. With the help of cultural heritage and different influences, Canadian embroidery depicts a mixture of traditional techniques and contemporary designs. From the detailed floral patterns to bold logos, every piece shows a unique story. As it celebrates individuality and craftsmanship. 

    Embroiderers also gain inspiration from nature. Like to incorporate elements such as maple leaves, wildlife landscapes etc. This connection to the rural world includes their work with a sense of authenticity and reverence for the country’s vast beauty. However, the custom embroidery serves to be a means of cultural expression. That showcases vibrant Canada’s multicultural identity. 

    Advantages of Custom Embroidery

    Many businesses use visual mediums of design for printing t-shirts.  To give their customers the best experience. So, below are some advantages of custom embroidery listed-

    Professional design

    A finished look is important for a custom printing style. So, one of the leading custom embroidery services is provided by We Must. according to the colour combination and thread quality for the particular designs on various materials. We Must offer the best advantages to have highly professional custom embroidery printing for the business.


    Custom embroidery printing never fades like screen printing. Therefore, there is no need to worry about washing embroidery printing clothes. As they never leave the colour like the screen printing. So, all the custom embroidery printing designs are durable for a longer time. Further, the thread is of high quality and there are no color mixing problems upon the wash. 

    Effective marketing

    Businesses aim to stand out in competitive marketing. It can only rely on the custom embroidery printing. These embroidery-based products make the best promotional gifts distributed at diverse trade fairs. Additionally, the visual effect of the customised promotional gifts is lasting as compared to the other gifts. 

    Multiple options

    Custom embroidery printing services are versatile. It can be based upon the various apparels. Various businesses prefer embroidery on their logos, t-shirts and so on. Various options are available like mixed fabric, cotton, polyester etc. So, it makes it easier to create custom embroidery printing patches and use them on multiple accessories or clothes. 

    Universal style

    Various sports clubs prefer to create custom embroidery designs. So, embroidery is not limited to businesses only. But it is also easier for the associations to personalise each member’s dress and the name is added along with other details.

    People looking for creative and unique gifts can go for custom embroidery printed ones. The custom embroidery provides a finished look and is preferred for screen printing. On the diverse fabric materials that becomes the perfect gift for anyone to give. 

    Quality Embroidery Materials

    We Must offer top-quality embroidery materials. Embroidery designers understand the quality of the materials. So, our company recognizes the importance of quality embroidery supplies to bring creative visions to life. Our commitment lies in providing artisans with a different selection of premium embroidery materials that inspire excellence and raise craftsmanship. 

    Threads are the lifeline of embroidery printing. We provide an extensive range of threads in several weights, compositions and colours. It enables us to achieve amazing effects and details in design. Whether you prefer traditional cotton, silky smooth satin or shining metallic. A perfect thread is there to suit your project. 

    Reliable tools and accessories are used. To provide precision and accuracy. The stitching experience is improved. At We Must, we believe that each embroidery project is a chance for self-expression and creativity. That is why our dedicated experts supply you with the finest materials to explore imagination and achieve amazing results. 

    Embroidery Customization Options

    Unlock creativity with our extensive customization options at We Must. we understand that every embroidery project is unique. That is why we offer a wide range of customization options to suit individual needs and preferences. 

    From the personalized thread colour to the customized fabric selection, we empower to create every aspect of the project to showcase our style and vision. We choose from a vast variety of thread shades to match the design perfectly. Our customisation options include fabrics, hoop sizes and design changes. Even if you need an embroidered gift for a loved one, our experts are there to help you bring ideas to life. 

    With quality commitment and attention to detail, you can trust that customization will result in professional-looking embroidery. That is attractive enough to let your imagination be showcased and explore several possibilities with customized embroidery options.

    Why We Must For Custom Embroidery?

    Embroidery designers, artisans professionals demand excellence in their creations. So, at We Must, dedication and passion are delivered in every creation. That is why we create a brand experience that makes us different and the preferred choice for embroiderers around the world. 

    • Quality

    High-quality materials are used. To create every product in the collection that stands out. From threads to fabrics, hoops to needles, every component is made with precision and care. As it guarantees good performance and durability. 

    • Extensive Selection

    A different range of embroidery materials provides something for each project and preference. With several selections of threads, fabrics and accessories we offer embroidered with the tools they require to unleash creativity. And bring the vision to life. Whether you are a seasoned professional, we require you to rise craft. 

    • Amazing Customer Service

    At We Must, we give priority to customer satisfaction. Our responsible and dedicated team is here to provide amazing service and support. At every step of the embroidery journey. Even if you need help or troubleshooting advice we are here to provide. 

    • Innovation and Inspiration

    We Must is not just a brand but a community of passionate embroiderers. These embroiderers share a love for creativity and innovation. Our designs depict creativity and innovation. 

    • Commitment to Sustainability

    The commitment to sustainability is depicted. Through sustainable practices, eco-friendly packages, and ethical sourcing. We strive to reduce the environmental effects to deliver good quality products. 

    Tips for Designing Embroidered Apparel

    Some tips are listed below to design embroidered clothes

    1. To choose the right fabric
    2. Consider the scale according to clothes proportions.
    3. Color selection for clarity and visibility
    4. Test stitching to test the design
    5. Placement matters for the maximum effect to consider factors such as wearer comfort and garment style. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Custom Embroidery in Canada:


    What types of garments can be customized with embroidery through Wemust’s services?

    The garment types are t-shirts, hoodies, crewneck shirts etc.


    How does the embroidery process work for customizing t-shirts at wholesale prices?

    To customize t-shirts at wholesale prices, the embroidery process includes digital designs, setting up the embroidery machine, hooping the shirt, and stitching the design on the cloth. The process leads to high-quality, durable customization that is suitable for large-quantity orders at cost-effective rates. 


    What are the benefits of choosing embroidery over other customization methods for apparel?

    Embroidery provides a professional durable finish to the clothes. As it makes it ideal for long-lasting clothes customization. Like the printing methods, embroidery adds texture and dimension to designs that improve visual appeal and value. In addition to it, embroidery allows for detailing and customization on a wide range of cloth types. 


    Can I provide my embroidery design, or does Wemust offer design services?

    No, We Must provide design services that can bring your vision to life. It also helps to refine existing designs according to their needs. 


    What is the turnaround time for custom embroidery orders in Canada?

    The turnaround time is around 5 to 7 business days without any comprise on quality. 


    Are there any limitations on the size or complexity of designs that can be embroidered?

    The modern embroidery machines accommodate a wide range of design sizes and complexities. There are many practical limits. Especially for the large designs that require special handling with fine details. Small features can also be challenging to design to copy the same. 


    Do you offer discounts for bulk orders of custom embroidered apparel?

    Till now, no discounts are available on bulk orders for custom embroidered clothes. But soon discounts will be available. 


    Can I request samples of embroidered designs before placing a larger order?

    Yes, samples can be requested for the embroidered designs. For it, you can get in touch with our expert team. 


    What types of thread and fabric options are available for custom embroidery?

    Custom embroidery provides a variety of thread options. Like polyester, cotton, metallic and rayon. Each has its features such as durability and sheen. Likewise, fabric choices range from cotton to polyester blends. That caters to diverse preferences and cloth types for optimal customization. 


    How can I ensure that the embroidered apparel from Wemust is of high quality and durable?

    To ensure high quality and durable embroidery cloth from We Must, trust commitment using premium materials and embroidery techniques. In addition to it, it allows you to check the quality first. And at last, check the reviews and testimonials given. 


    What is the process for submitting designs and placing orders for custom embroidered apparel?

    At We Must, custom embroidered clothes upload design files online. Once received our team review the designs, provide a quotation based on order details and upon approval, proceed further with production and embroidered cloth delivery. 


    Do you have any specific guidelines for artwork or file formats when submitting designs for embroidery?

    To submit the designs for embroidery, We Must ensures that the artwork is in vector format. So that colours, and details are clear enough. To provide files with clean lines and minimum complexity. 


    Are there additional fees for setup or digitization of designs for embroidery?

    Yes, there may be additional fees for the setup or digitization of designs for embroidery with WeMust. These fees typically cover the cost of converting your artwork into a format compatible with embroidery machines and preparing it for stitching.

    What is Wemust’s policy regarding returns or exchanges for custom embroidered products?

    The return policy is 15 days from the order of receipt. And for any help, you can contact customer service team.