DTF Heat Transfers


No minimum order is required. No setup fees.

  •  Turnaround time is usually 2-3 business days.
  •  We ship for free for orders over $ 250 on heat transfers in Ontario.
  •  File format accepted: .AI, .PDF, .PNG, .EPS, .SVG, .TIF, or .PSD.
  •  Minimum 300 dpi. Higher dpi is for better color vibrancy and definition.
  • Exact color matching is not provided.
  •  Please make sure of below :
    •  Mention the size of a design file by width and height without the empty space around the design in the artboard.
    •  There are no transparent pixels in the design.
  •  For gang sheets, our maximum printable width is 22.5” and you may go any length.
  • No change would be made to any order 4 hours after placing it.
  • The minimum charge is $ 0.20 per piece. 
  • In case you need mulitple orders shipped together at one shipping charge. Please place them within the same day.  
  • Very Important note: If your artwork doesnt match the size asked to print. We will only go by the width of the artwork. No refunds will be offered for smaller prints. Extra charges applicable for bigger size than paid for. 
  • To get orders ready within 24 hrs, please select rush order charge at checkout. 
  • Your transfers come in a roll. Or we can have them pre cut for $ 0.20 each. 
  • Pricing:  Wholesale : $ 0.025 per sq inch. Retail: $ 0.05 per sq inch.
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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Transfers

    We stand behind the quality of the transfers we print for you. If you are not satisfied, we will reprint with a new or revised file at no additional charge.

    Heat Pressing Instructions.

    Unlike DTG technology which only works on cotton fabrics. (PIXI Transfers) are capable of printing to cotton, silk, polyester, denim, nylon, leather and 50/50 blends, and more. It works on both White and Dark Textiles.

    T Shirt, Hoodies, Canvas, Denim, Sweater, Terry Towels, Leather, Non-woven material.

    Instructions to Heat Press

    •  No Pre-Treatment is needed.
    • The temperature of the heat press for ( Cotton & Cotton/Poly Blended Fabrics):- 285 to 290 Fahrenheit.
    • The temperature of the heat press for( 100% Polyester or any other synthetic fabrics):- 265  to 270 Fahrenheit.
    • Press for 12 seconds directly on the transfer on high pressure.
    • Peel off the transfer paper while it is still warm or 5 seconds after pressing.
    • Press again with a thin piece of cloth or a craft paper on top of the print for another 5 seconds.
    • Do not wash the garment for 24 hrs after the heat press.
    • Do not use fabric softener.

    Store dry, cool area. Put them in either ziploc bags or airtight jars to keep the moisture away. These can stay good for a year, provided they stay away from moisture.

    Introduction to DTF Heat Transfers

    DTF heat transfers are changing the garment decoration industry. Like traditional methods such as screen printing, DTF transfers provide bright, detailed prints on various fabrics. Like cotton, polyester and blends. With DTF prints, designs and full-colour graphics become easily achievable on dark-coloured clothes.

    This innovative method combines digital printing flexibility with heat transfer durability. As it provides numerous possibilities for customised apparel and promotional products. So, explore the DTF heat transfer potential and improve your designs to a new level of quality and creativity.


    Understanding DTF Technology

    DTF technology is important for those who seek to change their clothes decoration procedures. Dtf technology includes to print designs into a special film using a compatible printer. Then it is changed into fabric using the heat press. 

    The process starts with digital design creation. Then printed into a transparent film through the use of a DTF printer equipped with specialised UV curable ink. This ink is designed to follow the ink and withstand the heat transfer process. Once printed, the film is carefully placed onto the cloth with the printed side facing the cloth. 

    Next, the heat press is used in applying heat and pressure to the film. It causes the ink to bond with fabric fibres. The heat press enables to ensure the proper adhesion and transfer durability. After the brief cooling period, the film is peeled away that leaving behind the bright, detailed design on the cloth. 

    DTF technology provides many benefits over the traditional methods. That consists of ability to produce high quality, full color prints on various fabric kinds, including the cotton, polyester and blends. In addition to it, dtf transfers are known for their durability and wash fastness. It ensures that designs remain bright and intact. Even after the multiple rashes. Overall, to understand DTF technology opens up numerous possibilities for customised clothes decorators. It allows them to create attractive designs easily and precisely.


    Advantages of DTF Heat Transfers

    Dtf heat transfers provides several advantages. These advantages makes them preferred choice for many companies and people. So, some of them are listed below-

    • Bright detailed prints

    Dt technology enables to create bright and full colr prints with complete details clearly visible. It can also create complex designs accurately. 

    • Versatile

    It is versatile in nature. As it can get used in various fabrics. Dtf is also ideal to decorate various apparel products that includes t shirts, hoodies and hats. 

    • Durable

    Dtf transfers are durable enough. It helps to remain the designs bright and intact on a cloth. Even after several washes. The ink used for it is suitable for fabric fibers. 

    • Cost effectiveness

    Dtf technology eradicates the need to use costly screens. It helps to produce customised apparel in small quantity. It is cost effective solution for the on demand printing. 

    • Quick turnaround time

    Dtf transfers can be created quickly. As compared to traditional printing techniques. So businesses can fulfill orders in an efficient way. To reduce the waiting time for customers and provide overall satisfaction. 

    • Waste reduction

    Dtf technology produce minimum waste as compared to traditional methods. It is an environment friendly approach that resonates with the sustainability aims and decreases environment effect on the clothes decoration procedures.


    Customization Options with DTF Transfers

    With help of DTF transfers, various customization options are available. It offers unparalleled flexibility to create diverse designs. Below are some key options highlighted 

    • Full-color Printing: DTF technology allows for the  vibrant, full-color prints with complete and clear details.
    • Personalization: Create designs according to customers needs that includes names, numbers or graphics. 
    • Variable Data Printing: It helps to include variable data like serial numbers, personalised messages. In an easy and convenient way. 
    • Custom Shapes and Sizes: Custom shapes and sizes can be made. That is suitable for cloth types and its application. 
    • Unlimited Design Possibilities:  From the photo realistic images to the complex patterns, dtf transfer method provides various design possibilities for customised cloth.


    Tips for Designing with DTF Technology

    Designing with DTF (Direct to Film) technology  needs careful consideration to achieve the desired results. Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind when creating designs for DTF transfers:

    1. Resolution and Detail

    To ensure that designs are in high resolutions to maintain the clarity when printed on the film. You also need to pay attention to the elements and fine lines to avoid loss of clarity during the transfer process. 

    2. Color Management

    Use vibrant colors to increase designs impact. Also consider how the colors will appear on diverse fabric types and adjust accordingly for the desired results. 

    3. Design Size and Placement

    Take into the account size and placement of the design on the clothes. To ensure visibility and aesthetic appeal. Also check the fabric stretch and drape to position your design. 

    4. Vector Graphics

    Use vector graphics for the designs to maintain the scalability and calirty. Across the different sizes of the cloth. It is also ideal for the logos, text, simple shapes that ensures sharp lines and smooth edges. 

    5. Test Prints

    To conduct the test prints on several fabrics and colors. In order to check how the designs will appear on the final product. You can also adjust the colors, sizes, placements as required and based upon the results of test prints. 

    By following the above given tips, you can create amazing designs. The designs that can translate smoothly on the clothes using the DTF technology.


    Ordering Process for DTF Heat Transfers

    At We Must, we make our ordering process for DTF (Direct to Film) heat transfers as smooth as possible. Below is the ordering process provided-4

    1. To submit the design

    First to upload the design file on the website. The design should be in proper resolution, file, format, color management etc. if you need any help, our team is available. 

    2. Select Your Options

    To choose the dtf transfers quantity as required. Also any additional customization options related to shape, size etc. you also need to tell the fabric type to transfer the design onto. 

    3. Review and Approve

    Once you have submitted the design and selected options, our team will review the order to ensure that everything is right and meets the specifications. We will also offer a digital proof of the design for the approval before starting with the production.

    4. Production and Printing

    Once the design is approved, we will proceed with the production through the use of dtf printing technology. Our experienced technicians will ensure that your design is printed with precision and attention to detail, resulting in vibrant, high-quality transfers.

    5. Delivery

    When the production gets complete, dtf transfers will get packed carefully and shipped to the customer’s address. As we offer quick and reliable shipping options that make sure that transfers arrive on time and in good condition.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about DTF Heat Transfers in Canada:


    What is the minimum I can order?

    There is no minimum order offered by We Must to order.


    What kind of press do I need?

    For the dtf heat transfers you will need heat press that is designed for dtf printing. This type of heat press includes flat platen element to apply heat and pressure to the film and fabric during the transfer process. 


    What sizes are available?

    All the sizes are available. From small to extra large. 


    How do transfers hold up in the wash?

    When it is properly cured and adhered, transfers hold up well in a wash. To use gentle washing technique is suitable for it. 


    How quickly can I get my order?

    At We Must, your order can be quickly sent in 1 -2 days.


    How durable are DTF heat transfers, particularly in terms of washing and wear?

    Dtf heat transfers are highly durable. With help of resistance washing and wear when properly cured and applied. Its vibrant color is also maintained which makes them suitable to wear for longer time. 


    What is the turnaround time for DTF heat transfer orders in Canada?

    The turnaround time for the dtf heat transfer orders in Canada can vary. But usually, the orders are processed and shipped within 5-7 business days after artwork approval.


    What file format should my artwork be?

    We accept artwork in various formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, AI, and PDF. Please ensure that your artwork is high-resolution and meets our specifications for optimal printing quality.


    What is your refund policy?

    We Must offers a 15-day return and refund policy from the date of order receipt